Broadsided Press: Fifteen Years of Poetic and Artistic Collaboration, 2005–2020

An anthology celebrating the power and synergy of poetry and art
Edited by Elizabeth Bradfield, Alexndra Teague, and Miller Oberman 
Featuring work by Jericho Brown, Douglas Culhane, Jill Ozier, Danez Smith, Joan Naviyuk Kane, Millian Gian Pham, Ilya Kaminsky, and many more.

Fifty broadsides combining stunning collaborative art and poetry. Fifty conversations about the nature of collaboration. Photographs of words and art posted on streets and byways around the globe.


The many moving examples collected here comprise a rich body of work that transcends the bounds of individual authorship by presenting cooperation, dialog, the blending of sensibilities, the profound combination of image and word.
— Mark Wunderlich, author of God of Nothingness

This book is at once beautiful and useful, which is to say that it is a necessary object. The collaborations are in turns beautiful, sweet, devastating, comical. And—invaluably for the student or instructor of poetry, art, or the art of collaboration—the book publishes the author-and-artist answers to questions that yield insight into working processes: their surprises and delights.
— Tina Post, English & Theater and Performance Studies, University of Chicago