2011 – Richard Baker – Roger Skillings

John Yau about Richard Baker
“I cannot remember exactly when Richard Baker and I began talking about painting, particularly the possibilities of the still life, but I do remember the moment when my awareness of him shifted from a passing curiosity to something deeper. It was at the end of June 2000, while I was standing in Pat de Groot’s house in Provincetown, looking at a group of Baker’s small paintings of things, which were hung on the wall beside the stairs leading to the second floor. There were a bunch of tulips in a green glass suspended in an impasto yellow ground, a cluster of cherries, a severed salmon head, and a dead bird inspired by Marsden Hartley. Done for the most part in the mid- to late-1980s, the paintings were small, and I had the sense that they were the result of an artist teaching himself how to paint a thing without trying to elaborate on it or make it stylish.”

– John Yau

Roger Skillings
Our own stories—and storytelling—remain the most essential things both in fiction and life, though. But as the narrator muses at the very beginning of “Variation,” Maybe all the stories have been told, in one guise or another, and only history remains monotonously destroying the human heart with its immutable worm, an infinity of the same—the stages of life being well marked out—though we must still discover for ourselves what we al-ready know, and endure the exactitudes.

– Roger Skillings


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– Roger Skillings

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