Marie Howe
A mistake to mythologize Marie, as Marie is always ready to demolish mythology in her person, her teaching, her poetry. No hierarchies for her. She will keep you on your feet as she keeps herself on her feet. Try to anoint her and she’ll hold up her hand. Don’t do that to me, she’ll say gently, but forcefully.

— Paul Lisicky

Tabitha Vevers
Vevers is a conjurer of images first, a trader of dreams who takes apart art history and reapplies it with a modern narrative that comes from her own experience as a contemporary woman. Taking on vital topics—such as matters of gender, feminism, the AIDS crisis, the environment, religion, and politics—Vevers creates a looping serial narrative of the most intimate and rarified kind, with unflinching barbs and a quirky, at times uncomfortable, deadpan humor laid out in her devotional, seductive approach to painting.

— André van der Wende


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– Marie Howe
Marie Howe
by Richard McCann

Marie Howe’s Later Work
by Liz Rosenberg

By Michael Klein

by Victoria Redel

Four Blessings with Marie
By Victoria Redel

by Paul Lisicky

by Stephanie Frank Sassoon

Holding the In-between of it
by Sophie Cabot Black

The How of the What
by Christopher Busa

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– Tabitha Vevers
Beauty and Danger: A Duality of Vision
by André van der Wende

Flying Dreams
by Nick Lawrence

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Roger Skillings and Jhumpa Lahiri – A Provincetown Chronicle
Introduction by Christopher Busa
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Mary Oliver
On Bended Knee
by Margaret Murphy
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Carl Adamshick
Nicole Sealey
Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Kelle Groom
Javier Zamora
John Murillo
Donna Masini
Martha Webster
D. Nurkse
Ryan Murph,
Stephen Burt
Paul Lisicky
Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.
Daniel Tobin
Melanie Braverman

Foreword by Martha Rhodes
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